How Is Shapewear Shaping Women’s Confidence?

Women have been wearing shapewear for as far back as the 16th century. It all started with corsetry, which was once a ritualistic practice aimed at creating and maintaining a cinched waist. It was not all about tucking the tummy away because the overall goal was to achieve the coveted hourglass figure.

Over the years, selections of body contouring garments have come up in the efforts to help fashion a perfectly svelte figure. Looking desirable in an outfit is often the primary motivation. Which begs the question, should you give in to the underbust shapewear trends? What is the technique behind this magical shapewear? model wearing shaping high wear briefs

Create The perfect physique In An Instant

The allure of shapewear comes from the fact that it helps the wearer instantly get an ideal figure. As suggested, they tuck in and raise up all the right body parts to create a stunning illusion. Read how celebrities get that seamless red carpet look.
However, donning these shape-defining garments is not just about the temporary effects of hiding imperfections and playing up desirable parts.
Most women who wear them also get an instant boost in how they feel. Suddenly people are looking, and you cannot help it but get a little spring in your step. Wanting that feeling to last longer, most women will go ahead and take better care of themselves. For most, it ends up being a gateway to making positive and lasting changes.

Shapewear Trends

When talking about shapewear, the image that comes to mind for most people are the old Victorian corsets. Next came the step-ins, slips, petticoats, and camisoles. Then followed the push-up bras and an endless selection of unique garments meant for tummy and hip control. Thinking about it, most of the shapewear currently available have been around for long enough and just went through reinventions. Read on these magical shapeshifters that are worn by celebrities to boost their confidence on the red carpet.

Buying Tips

It should not come as a surprise that shapewear garments do not come built alike. Aside from being made by different brands, they also come in varying constructions and hence differing shaping abilities. Here are a few of the aspects that can help with the quest of finding the right one.


There are selections of shaping garments available each designed to help address a specific issue. For instance, corsets and waist shapers/cinchers are intended to help tuck the belly away. They also contour the bodice to create a more shapely and svelte waist. Shapewear briefs run up the waist to also help with concealing the tummy. The other shapewear range such as leggings, bodysuits, underbust dress and the shapewear booty booster slips meant to help create an all-around svelte look. Some everyday outfits like dresses, jeans, jackets and even swimwear also feature shaping elements. Typically, the type of shapewear is widely referred or identified by the brand’s identity. For instance, the Spanx brand is amongst the most well-known retailers of shaping leggings and bodysuits. Their selections of shaping wear are usually just referred to as Spanx. Meanwhile, in Australia, B Free designs natural bamboo fibre filled shapewear for a seamless experience for everyday shapewear. Click here to view B Free’s range of shapewear products for women’s of all sizes. Women wearing tummy shaping shorts


Modern shapewear garments now come in lighter fabrics. They provide the right amount of control with the help of materials such as lycra and elastane. The older Victorian-era corsets are still available, and these types tend to be bulkier because of the steel bonds used.The lighter fabrics used to tailor modern shapewear also means that they are easily concealable beneath outfits. Leather cinchers come engineered to assist with the efforts of creating a permanently smaller waist. Depending on whom you ask, corsets come highly recommended for waist training; these modern cinchers get the job done as well with perhaps a shorter period of use.


Shaping garments also do come in a wide range of designs. Everyone has an individual physique or shape which requires the use of the right shapewear design for the best results. For instance, in the case of corsets, you could choose long or short torso designs as well as hourglass or straight designs.The design you go for should suit your ultimate shaping goals to help you achieve the figure you covet. Discover tons of shapewear design for everyday women at Sara Blakely’s Instagram page.


Each shapewear retailer will always provide an individualized sizing chart. Getting the correct size for maximum effectiveness and comfort is crucial according to a shapewear designer @Sarablakely Size will often determine the style you need for your intended shaping goals. Also, getting an incorrectly sized shaping garment leads to bulges, unsightly spills, or accidental slips.


In the old days, girdles were used to keep everything in place. Most modern shaping garments hold up well without bunching up or falling. They feature elements like vinyl-coated edges that incline to the midriff and removable straps for bodysuits and leggings to secure them in place.
Regarding support, they also generally help correct posture. The shapers help you stand up tall which also helps with creating a perceived slimmer frame.

Try Test

Shapewear is one of those products that you just need to try to get the right one. It helps to get your first one from a brick store which gives you the opportunity to try out a few. It will not only help you figure out the best design for you but also make sure that you get the right size.
You will also get invaluable assistance in choosing the right shapewear.


The unwritten rule is always to consider quality above price. However, price does not reflect the quality of any product, but when it comes to shapewear, you want to pay careful attention to pricing. While you will always find shaping garments that fit your budget, you want to make sure that you are getting value for your money.

Name brands will often fall on the expensive side, but most have a long-standing history of delivering what they promise. You want to avoid unnamed products or those that come off as mass-produced discount shapers.

If possible invest on custom shapewear because of the quality guarantee and personalized shaping element.

With all this in mind, you can see that you will benefit from getting the right underbust shapewear that meets your shaping needs. Remember that with shapewear you have to go through a few to figure out what works best. Most importantly, get the right shape and when you reach your shaping goals go for the correct size down to keep up with your shaping needs.

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