Things to avoid when choosing engagement or wedding rings.

Admittedly, choosing an engagement/wedding ring is often an intimate shopping, and most people want to do it with great secrecy and romance built around the exercise. The romance part is fine, but the secrecy part may not be as you will find from the following discussion. Some of the most common mistakes that most people commit are:-

Not having a set budget

Try walking into a jewellery shop and ask to see a range of wedding/engagement rings. What you get to see first will be by far the most expensive ones. Obviously, the jeweller does not even want you to see equally good, but at least 50% less expensive rings at all! The result could be that you end up buying one from what is shown to you, without exploring options that could have saved you several precious dollars.
It is always nice to splurge on your fiancé, but do remember there are plenty of other expenses that get lined up like a train and you don’t want to break your bank on the wedding day to pay off debtors.

Forgetting the intelligence gathering ritual

Men walking on flower bed Agreed that you don’t want to discuss the engagement ring with your fiancé but is there a good reason why you can’t speak to her best friend. It is very usual for girls to speak to their best friend on various topics related to their upcoming wedding and that invariably includes her thoughts on the wedding ring. If you can’t think of a better option to understand what is working in her mind, find that best friend and speak to her.

Ignoring benefits of online shopping

Many people somehow consider all online shopping brands as not entirely reliable. But, if you research carefully, look through all the reviews and even check personally with some of the people who have provided their views, you could be surprised at the amount of money that you can save from online shopping. Further, online shopping for wedding/engagement rings also gives you the advantage of exploring a sea of options from the comfort of your home before picking the right one for your needs and most of the time people end up of buying perfect ring according to your needs.

Being fascinated by big brands

wedding ring in red flower Yes, big brands do spend a significant amount on an advertisement, and that gives them a very good recall rate when you are looking for wedding/engagement rings. But, does that also mean that they also offer the best value for money. If you invest in the effort to check out, you will find out there are many jewellery stores, those who are working locally and with the requirement of time they are bringing their business online as well.

Privacy matters

Most men try to maintain a high degree of privacy while looking for a wedding/engagement ring. All right, so they go out and run their Google search from under a shade in the park. But, these are times when she can always access your laptop or mobile phone for a few seconds and presto! Google is not known to be particularly personal when it comes to keeping secrets unless you have logged out of your account and even closing down incognito windows. This means that unless you are extremely careful, all that you thought are secrets may be revealed in a jiffy.

You are shopping during a high season

By now, you should have noticed that sale of engagement rings peak between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. This is also the season when the price of engagement rings are marked up by a cool 25 to 30%. Therefore, if you can shop outside this time frame, potentially you could be saving a neat little pile.

Not paying attention to the mode of payment

coins coming out from jar When it comes to paying for the engagement/wedding ring, the general tendency is to pull out the card and swipe it. But, imagine when you share a common account or a credit card. The notification from the card company may be seen by her and that is adequate to let the cat out of the bag! On the other hand, if you are planning to pay cash, you have the added responsibility of keeping it safe not just from thieves but also indoor elements who could be curious.

Only taking your best friend’s word

Buying your engagement ring/wedding ring and wedding bands are perhaps the most important purchase in your lifetime, regarding money as well as emotions. Devote some quality time looking at online reviews, evaluations by consumer organizations and customer complaints. This way you will build up your knowledge base before effectively making the purchase. You are always open to consult your best friend and even go with his opinion. But, it helps when you go shopping as an informed customer.

Rushing in with the purchase so that you get over with the task

You should be investing adequate time researching your options. Rushing with the buying of wedding ring/engagement ring is not always reckoned as the wisest thing to do.

Ignoring to safe keep the papers

Once you have made the purchase, the papers given to you by the jeweller are pretty important. You must not only demand a paper will all details inscribed, but also ensure that the authority who has inspected the jewellery/diamond is also stated explicitly. Keep the papers safe and away from prowling eyes just in case you need them later.

Trusting the customer care men or salesperson with eyes closed

There is some good customer care/sales personnel around, and we need not doubt their integrity. But, you are spending your hard earned money, and therefore, the onus is always on you to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Wrong size

If you have not bought the right size of wedding ring/engagement ring, imagine the embarrassment it can cause you on that all important day!


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